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Our Processing Facility

Chickmont Foods Ltd. Is the leading integrated poultry business in the southern Caribbean

Chickmont Foods Ltd. not only represents a number of highly visible brands, including Montrose Farm Fresh, Montrose Premium, Super Chick and Tropical Eggs, but also operates and manages a hatchery, broiler farms, a layer farm and its own retail outlets.

Although we have established new state-of-the-art processing facilities, specifically designed to handle multi-tasking operations, we have not forgotten our traditional strength which the best quality at the best price. To this end we work continuously with the environmental health officers to ensure food safety standards and quality. In addition, stringent in-house verification and testing as well as microbiological testing (carried out by an independent company) are adhered to, to ensure the highest possible standard.

The increase production at the Balls facility required that the manual operation be replaced with mechanical and computerised operating systems, which have been fully integrated into to the production chain.

Safe Stunning

This process renders a bird unconscious, so it doesn't experience the panic and stress associated with the death process.

This process reduces carcass damage as the bird does not struggle, allowing for a proper bleed.

Balls Plantation, Christ Church, Barbados | Tel: (246) 418-8000
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