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At Chickmont Foods we pride ourselves in being antibiotic free.

What do antibiotics do for chickens, you ask?
Like in humans, antibiotics in chickens act like medicine for the flock to guard them against disease. Birds sometimes get sick and antibiotics are administered to the entire flock to prevent losses on the poultry farm. At Chickmont Foods, we take the losses from the sick birds in order to not compromise our integrity nor your health.

Steroids and Hormones
Chickmont Foods does not allow hormones or steroids to be used in raising its poultry livestock. We employ manycontract farmers and we do residue testing on flocks to make sure that farmers are in fact complying with our bylaws.

What do hormones and steroids do for chickens?
Steroid and hormones can be used in livestock production to promote faster growth rates to market age and to improve the feed efficiency ratios of growing livestock. It all comes down to profits for the farmers, however at Chickmont Foods we afford our farmers a healthy wage to grow our healthy birds so as to ban the use of these chemicals in our food supply.

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