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Chickmont Foods Ltd. Is an amalgamation of three poultry companies - Montrose Poultry Farms Ltd., ChickGrowers Ltd. and Super Poultry Farms Ltd.
In 1964, Mr.John Francis De Freitas started Montrose Poultry Farms Ltd. The company grew from its humble beginnings in backyard farming to a well-established poultry operation. John's son Peter De Freitas subsequently took the company to a new level in the forthcoming years.
In the early 1990, Montrose and ChickGrowers merged to form Chickmont Food Ltd. The name Chick-Mont is derived from the "Chick in ChickGrowers and the "Mont" in Montrose - to arrive at Chickmont Foods. Our custom-built processing facility is adjacent to the ABC highway, located in the south of Barbados.
In 1992, Monty the chicken was born, wearing the slogan, "They're the Best". He featured in many ad series related to the company and he was prominently displayed on the processing plant wall. He was also featured on the roundabout leading to Chickmont Foods Ltd., which to this day is still affectionately known as the Chickmont roundabout.
On November 30, 1999, Chickmont Foods Ltd. finalised the amalgamation with Super Poultry Farms Ltd. in the north of the island, which added a third brand of poultry and egg products into the mix. This development cemented Chickmont Foods Ltd. as a superior poultry company with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the poultry industry of Barbados.
The company was making waves while transforming the landscape of the poultry industry. It was in the year 2000 we achieved the highly coveted ISO and HACCP certifications for our organisation. We were the only poultry company around that time to have both accreditations which was an impressive achievement..

Chickmont Foods Ltd. embarked on a new initiative to cover all of its roofs in solar power.

In 2017 Chickmont conducted a research survey on its various brands and the decision was made to rebrand all of Chickmont Foods' product mix.
In 2018 we achieved our latest certification which is the highest level of food safety that a company in our industry can achieve – SQF Level 3 Certification (A GFSI Intitiative).

This certification allows us to penetrate international markets which would be unreachable by uncertified processing facilities. The accreditation is a prerequisite to supply various international companies with retail and wholesale food operations.

Balls Plantation, Christ Church, Barbados | Tel: (246) 418-8000
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